SoPilar_clr_D.jpg This site is parked, pending purchase of SoPilar by Maya Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). MEDC is a nonprofit organization incorporated as a charitable, public benefit corporation in the state of Nebraska, United States, under the Nebraska Nonprofit Act. MEDC is a tax exempt organization under the United States Internal Revenue Service Code, s. 501(c)(3). The mission of the Maya Economic Development Corporation, as a Q'anjob'al Maya owned nonprofit enterprise, is to foster entrepreneurship among all Maya citizens, create socially responsible investment opportunities, provide access to competitive capital for Maya-owned businesses, and drive trade with other Indigenous communities and the world.

This aligns with our original intent for SoPilar, and provides a framework for the continuation of the facility after we are gone. As usual though, no multi-party transaction can ever go through quickly, so for now we are still 'pending' but now very close. On Thursday the 10th of January 2024, Luis Marcos, the president of Maya Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) flew to our home for signing the sales contract and the two of us executed multiple copies and generally made it all legal. Essentially, they will complete the earth-sheltered house and use it with the existing thatch buildings as a meeting place meeting place for Maya elders of any nation. Therefore MEDC will provide for the continued maintenance and growth of the forest gardens and generally untouched jungle. For this purpose, they will continue with our current caretaker, Placido Cunil, who has been taking care of the buildings, plants, and animals for many years now. This is not, of course the end of the process. The lawyers will have to prepare the actual transfer papers and I’ll have to sign them, then they go to the Land Office for proper recording. Still, it is the major milestone on the way. The expectation is to complete by the end of this month.

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Updated 01/15/2024