SoPilar_clr_D.jpg This site is about the SoPilar project in Cayo, Belize. As it winds down, it will record the intentions, and history of the project. With any luck it will always be under construction in the true sense.

For a gallery of pictures of the land as it was and has become Click Here. It includes pictures taken back in 2010 at the dedication of the main chmpa and pictures that are laid out in a 6 down by 11 across grid, so all the pictures taken from places close together should be in the same cell.

After a few years, the main champa needed the thatch to be patched up. Pictures are Here.

Pictures of the new house site before construction are here: Click Here.

in 2019 we did a survey of the Flora with Narciso Torres. Here is a photo display: Click Here.

We frequently put out trail cameras, both on our trail network and also at a Maya aguada. All the fauna pictures are found here Fauna.
Click any thumbnail to load the full-size image and use "BACK" in your browser to return to the full list.

We never reached the point of having an actual mission statement, but our first thoughts about what we were trying to to are here: Click Here.

There is a section of photographs of the adjacent Belize El Pilar Archeology Park from my personal site Click Here.
Or you can go to that site itself at

There was a campground area which had its own site. The link to all things commercial were here, but it has been cut back since we closed it in 2018
SoPilar Campground.

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Updated 04/10/2023